New application

Join our co-op, and make it yours.

The basics

Members of the Data Commons Co-op come in all shapes and forms — an organization, a project, or a part of your life. Tell us a little about that here (we'll call it your “organization” for short-hand). In the next section, we'll ask specifically about the people involved.

How do you contribute to the movement for a cooperative economy?
Please give the mailing address for your organization. Apologies if our fields do not match your country well. Just jam the address in there any old how.

The people

Everyone you list here will have the right to view and edit this application. Give at least one “liaison”: a person to serve as the primary contact between your organization and the Data Commons Co-op. Be sure to include at least one valid email address to avoid losing access to this application.

The Board of Directors is elected by the co-op's members. Serving on the board is a good way to make sure the voice of a community is heard clearly. Is this person:

Dues Calculator

Membership dues are calculated as a percentage of a year’s expense budget. What counts as an expense budget, you ask? We leave that up to your judgment. Some large organizations have chosen to limit this number to the department or grant relevant to Data Commons Co-op activities.

The sliding-scale dues formula is as follows:

  • Take 0.1% of your operating expenses for the last year (“expense budget”).
  • Round it down to the nearest round number (see table) (we don't do rounding any more).
  • Apply the minimum for your currency (see table).
  • Request a waiver if needed.

Your first year’s annual dues includes the purchase of one membership share at a book value of US$1.

Are the dues outside your budget? You can request a partial or full waiver and just name what you can pay. Your application is reviewed without consideration of dues, and we look for funds as needed. Other members have chipped in extra to fund low/no-budget grassroots organizations.
Please describe (briefly) why the waiver is needed.
Hey, can you afford to pitch in to support low/no-budget grassroots organizations that could do with joining the co-op but can't make the dues?
Wonderful! If you have a message you'd like passed on to supported organizations, please add it here.

Potential members

Is there any another organization you would recommend as a potential member of the Data Commons Cooperative?


The liaison(s), on behalf of the applying organization, agrees to abide fully by the Data Commons Cooperative articles of incorporation, bylaws, and rules and regulations, including the data-sharing privileges and limitations defined in each data contributor’s data license.

If the application is accepted, membership will take effect when approved by the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The membership fee will be due on September 1st of each year. The fee will be pro-rated appropriately the first year.